Member of
Editorial Bureau
  • Editor
    Sandra Choi  
    Career Background
         Korea Herald Translation Center: Senior Translator
         Presidential Council on Nation Branding: English Editor, Contents Translator
         Korean National Commission for UNESCO: Translator
    Education Background
         Yonsei University_Graduate School of International Studies: Korean Studies
         Wellesley College_Bachelor of Arts: English
         Summoned: An Autobiography (Hanul Books, 2011)
         Religions of Korea: Won Buddhism (Sakyechol, 2011)
         Seoul: A Window into Korean Culture (HerOne Media, 2008)
  • Editor
    Sue Whang  
    Career Background
         HIS (Herald Institute for Scholars) English Teacher
         *IB English Literature, LAL 및 SAT, TOEFL
         *IB Extended Essay, research, thesis proofreader
    Education Background
         The University of Sydney_Bachelor of Arts: English/Business
  • Editor
    Career Background
         Korea Herald Translation Center Native editor(2012~ Present)
         Korea Herald Writer (2009~2011)
         Pearson Publishing (UK) Editor (2006 – 2009)
    Education Background
         BA Linguistics (The University of Oxford )
         MIS (The University of Oxford)
  • Editor
    Phoebe Kim  
    Career Background
         HIS (Herald Institute for Scholars) Math and Science Teacher
         Riverstone International School (USA)_Full-time AP Biology Teacher
         Logos School (USA)_SAT Science Teacher & Lab Lecturer
    Education Background
         Washington State University_Master’s Degree in Molecular Bioscience
         University of Idaho_Bechelor’s Degree in Microbiology and Pre-med