Member of
Editorial Bureau
  • Director
    Sophia Kim  
    Career Background
         National Assembly member's Deputy Spokesperson
         Sky Daily Editor board member
         Legal team manager, National company
         Head of overseas branch
         National Assembly member's legal advisor
         Senior researcher at Korean embassy
         Researcher at Korea Institute of Economic Policy, Europe team
         Legal counsel to Catholic homeless center
         Head teacher of International school
         Committee member to middle school
    Education Background
         US Attorney
         Northwestern Law school, LLM
         Kansas University Law school, JD, 1L
         Seoul National University Graduate School of International Studies, MA completed
  • Editor
    Sandra Choi  
    Career Background
         Korea Herald Translation Center: Senior Translator
         Presidential Council on Nation Branding: English Editor, Contents Translator
         Korean National Commission for UNESCO: Translator
    Education Background
         Yonsei University_Graduate School of International Studies: Korean Studies
         Wellesley College_Bachelor of Arts: English
         Summoned: An Autobiography (Hanul Books, 2011)
         Religions of Korea: Won Buddhism (Sakyechol, 2011)
         Seoul: A Window into Korean Culture (HerOne Media, 2008)
  • Editor
    Sue Whang  
    Career Background
         HIS (Herald Institute for Scholars) English Teacher
         *IB English Literature, LAL 및 SAT, TOEFL
         *IB Extended Essay, research, thesis proofreader
    Education Background
         The University of Sydney_Bachelor of Arts: English/Business
  • Editor
    Career Background
         Korea Herald Translation Center Native editor(2012~ Present)
         Korea Herald Writer (2009~2011)
         Pearson Publishing (UK) Editor (2006 – 2009)
    Education Background
         BA Linguistics (The University of Oxford )
         MIS (The University of Oxford)
  • Editor
    Phoebe Kim  
    Career Background
         HIS (Herald Institute for Scholars) Math and Science Teacher
         Riverstone International School (USA)_Full-time AP Biology Teacher
         Logos School (USA)_SAT Science Teacher & Lab Lecturer
    Education Background
         Washington State University_Master’s Degree in Molecular Bioscience
         University of Idaho_Bechelor’s Degree in Microbiology and Pre-med
  • Editor
    Daihn Woo  
    Career Background
         HIS (Herald Institute for Scholars) English Teacher
         *IB Extended Essay, TOK editor
         *IB English Literature, LAL 및 new SAT,ACT
         *GED (General Equivalency Diploma)
    Education Background
         University of Toronto_Bachelor of Science: Life Science